Rambling along

Which I might do a fair bit of, or might forget, or or or ...

I expect these will be of equal parts fannish things and navel-gazing as time goes on, lol.

2024-04-15 and some individual-page pdfs for Lindwyrm
2024-04-13 Lindwyrm Lockbox
2024-04-11 I'm also not paid enough for the rest of this
2024-03-31 I'm not paid enough to be the villain
2024-03-31 ten fiction pileup
2024-03-14 Lindwyrm is up
2024-03-14 the weeks have been pants
2024-02-27 hopefully more fiction soon here (pages)
2024-02-23 or I can just be spending too much time behind the scenes I guess
2024-02-16 zine bits, writing bits; datestamps?
2024-02-14 a pinecone and a plan
2024-02-09 non-rambling updates so far
2024-02-09 sometimes I feel like I'm already failing at this
2024-02-03 winter has found me after all
2024-02-01 some updates ~
2024-01-31 of dragons and flames and other fannish things
2024-01-31 *taptaptap*