_._     _,-'""`-._
(,-.`._,'(       |\`-/|
    `-.-' \ )-`( , o o)
          `-    \`_`"'-

or I can just be spending too much time behind the scenes I guess

Oh hey look at that, datestamps are perfectly~ visible already -- when looking at the actual gemlog and not just the list of posts from my admin panel.


In other news I have the most miserable cold on god's green earth, a breakout of coldsores to go with it, and yet again will be dragging my carcass through several very long shifts of very nasty weather this weekend. Joy.

I have some fiction to add to the fiction patch, but I need to get there. A whole new subcategory even! (although it won't have a very good name yet ... >.>;;)

Also hoping to poke at the demo for Unicorn Overlord this weekend, or get back to more handspinning, or both ...

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