_._     _,-'""`-._
(,-.`._,'(       |\`-/|
    `-.-' \ )-`( , o o)
          `-    \`_`"'-

the weeks have been pants

I have had the most /absolute hell/ the last few weeks between work stress-beyond-stress and family drama (with a side of I myself continue to not matter a fuck to said family) and fannish ennui (for several reasons, from several sources). Between all that and the lingering headcold/sinus infection, I haven't done a lot on here *bleh*

I still have fiction to get to adding at some point and I will do that I swear (_ )_

On the upside before the night (morning? at this point?) is over I hopefully will have a whole new bite-sized take on oldschool D&D on here, as part of the ol' capsule and also as a printable minizine. I'm working on it ~!

Seriously, though, Granblue Fantasy can especially fuck itself.

What a goddamn empty nothingness for a ~tenth anniversary~ and that after the worst year in who knows.

It's hard when your distractions from real world misery also turn into a misery *sigh*

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