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I'm not paid enough to be the villain

You know, I had a whole huge post of venting and wailing in mind (as I sit here having to had to get two people to leave and I'm not even a third through this hellshift) but I just can't. I don't have the energy or the anything.

I'll just say that I am not paid enough to be the villain and make people with nowhere else to go leave my workplace --

But every single one I've dealt with in months has clearly been some kind of potential danger to their surroundings, themselves, me or all three --

(getting tired of fire hazards and could-have-been-fires, among other things)

(one of them got arrested for attempting to assault a coworker)

-- and I am paid barely over minimum wage to make sure rich arseholes locked their office doors and to be here when the sprinkler system shits itself yet again at 3am (twice in a year!) or 200 year old pipes blow and someone~ needs to man the drainage all night.

I am not equipped or trained to deal with these people.

I am not paid enough to keep doing this.

I don't have the mental or emotional health to keep doing this and sending them out into the cold.

I'm so tired of this.

I am so tired.

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