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(,-.`._,'(       |\`-/|
    `-.-' \ )-`( , o o)
          `-    \`_`"'-

zine bits, writing bits; datestamps?

More stuff! I'm sure this will slow down as I run out of my (not all that big honestly) backlog, but that's okie. I have a few zines up, and I added some more microfiction ~

One of the latter is actually a bit inspired by an rpg I wrote, Wandering Jewel Moons, which I'm currently debating uploading here or not -- I think maybe the original version eventually (Nine Black Jewel Moons), and the quarter-page version? The digest one, while it does have a bit more art, also is pushed uncomfortably big by that art by the standards of this cozy little space. I could link to it though. (please don't think you have to pay for it if I do!)

I'm also starting to wonder if I should date these posts or not, because they have no dates >.>;; if I use a specific slug or not >.>;;

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