Zines and stuff

If I'm honest, when I say "zines" I almost entirely mean ttrpg zines, although that's likely to change in the near future -- aside from system-neutral rpg stuff, I have one that's arguably straight-up fiction and I'm hoping to muster myself to gather up my little microfictions and maybe a bigger(ish) story into zine formats some time in the future.

Also there's at least one idea slowly percolating that isn't rpg-related really and isn't fiction strictly, so that will be more like an "actual" zine if I ever actually do it, I suppose? *lol*

folding 16-page minizines

Some zines here (Beasts In Shining Beads and Lindwyrm, for example) are printed on both sides of one sheet and then folded, stapled and trimmed to get a 16-page minizine. Here are the folding instructions:

trpg zines

🤖 Hey, You're A Cool Super *-ing Robot!

a wee rpg brazenly inspired by Mega Man and Mega Man X

🍄 The Peddler Of Mycosi

a mysterious mushroom merchant in dungeon deep

🐂 Beasts In Shining Beads

12 enchanted animal companions in pretty little amulets

🐉 Lindwyrm: a small labyrinth game

an attempt at putting a cliff notes version of an oldschool D&D (.. mostly) into one sheet of paper

🦁 Lindwyrm Lockbox: some small additions

more critters and PC options, spells and tables, etc for Lindwyrm
Lindwyrm and Lindwyrm Lockbox as single wee pages (for phone reading!) below:

Lindwyrm (single pages)
Lindwyrm Lockbox (single pages)

zines of stuff

👻 As The Spirits Move

31 unliving encounters and other ghostie-related ideas

⚔️ A Gathering Of Blades

30 unusual types and origins of fantasy swords (on the line between 'ttrpg' and 'stuff', really)

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