Tabletop rpg stuff

Let's make believe! With some system attached!

A small collection of (likely) small ttrpg things, microgames and mini-games and random tables. Definitely random tables.

Maybe some setting ideas to bat around.

🌟 Star Heart Ending, a game in 280 characters

originally written for the 2023 Micro Fiction Games Jam

🐺 Moonpack, a small rpg that uses d6s

° You are a werewolf. °

⚪ Grimoire Of The Pale, a collection of 36 spells

a d66 table of system neutral, rules-light spells

🐉 Lindwyrm: a small labyrinth game

an attempt at a cliff notes version of an oldschool D&D

🦁 Lindwyrm Lockbox: some small additions

more critters and PC options, spells and tables, etc for Lindwyrm

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