Words put to paper (and pixels)

I've selfpubbed a few novels, but right now -- after a many-year drought -- I'd like to get back to writing again, and small fictions are very appealing. Which isn't to say I won't be doing longer things again (I hope), but wee things it is ~

some of these are from prompts and/or were originally posted elsewhere, mostly on the fediverse

❧ Independent microfictions

Mirrored Darkly
to the lost the light
Five Years
A Matter Of Convenience
The Courier
The Watchman

❧ Wandering Jewel Moons

... is a pocketrpg and a setting I wrote; and then I wrote some things featuring Liamath, wandering wolflord of Kauvr ~

Rupturous Bone

❧ the Sublime Stellar Presence

... isn't a title of a work or collection of works, it's the title of a character (plot point? lol) in these works. But I don't have a title because the idea's still coming together, and I need to put /something/ here, sooo ~

A Change Of Course
Fallout Preparations
White Knight's Warding
From The Nest
Falling Short
Falling Star

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