Who dis?

I've been poking around the net for ... a while now, lol, and while slowly looking for a way off the modern web treadmill I came across the smallweb. So, here I am!

What's (going to be) here?

Bits and bobs of homegrown fiction and ttrpg things, most likely, and I'm hoping to get the hang of things enough to give them their own pages while my ramblings stay in posts. We'll see how things go!

But what, exactly?

Well, I write fantasy and science fiction and science fantasy; I like a lot of dead stuff from critters to cultures; and my fannish leanings are a lot of jrpgs, mecha, piles of ttrpgs from D&D to Exalted to Shadowrun and on -- and a lot of other stuff besides. Like hand-spinning, and food history, and and and ...

There's a lot of possibilities is what I'm saying. Lol.

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